Our Clean Standard


Exceptional Worry-Free Beauty


We are on a mission to make clean beauty transparent and accessible to everyone.

My BeautyHero is born with a simple purpose: to bring you the most-coveted clean beauty products that work, and are safe for you and the environment. At My BeautyHero, transparency and accessibility are our guiding principles - from selecting the brands we work with to curating the products, to informing the consumers about the ingredients, to recommending the one that works and to deep-diving into the sustainability practices of the brands.

We break down what Clean Beauty means to us. This is the standard we follow together with the visionary brands we partnered with.

Toxic-Free Ingredients

We bring together beauty products that are free from ingredients linked to harmful health and environmental effects - like hormone disruption, cancer, skin irritation, and environmental harm. Aside from the EU list of 1,328 banned substances in beauty products, our Blacklist Ingredients contain additional ingredients that you will never see in the products we carry.

High-Performing Products

While “Natural” beauty may be seen as ineffective to some beauty consumers, we see “Clean” beauty as equivalent to cutting-edge ingredients and exceptional formulas. Each product undergoes a rigorous curation process to ensure that they match the consumers’ expectations when it comes to performance.

Cruelty-Free Formulas

Before starting to work with a brand, we do our research to ensure that they do not test on animals. As we begin connecting with the founders of the brands, we deep-dive into their vision and their commitment to protecting the planet we live in and the animals on it.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a tough yet trendy topic. We only work with brands that have a clear effort on their sustainability practices - from sourcing the ingredients to using recyclable packaging and minimizing waste.


This will always be a work in progress as we strive to make clean beauty transparent and accessible to everyone. Together with the brands we work with, we continuously find ways to improve and bring the best in beauty direct to consumers.

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