Sustainability Committment


Join us in our sustainability journey


As a new player in the beauty industry, we are simultaneously kickstarting our sustainability journey. We aim to help conscious beauty consumers to become more sustainable through the following efforts.

Improved Formulas

We choose to work with beauty brands that have positive environmental impact and ethical impact. These are visionary brands that continuously strive to improve their formulas by using more natural ingredients derived from renewable resources. We ask them to share documentation and various certifications to prove their claims.

Sustainable Packaging

Part of our curation process is to understand how each brand has adopted responsible packaging and what steps they take to develop sustainable packaging solutions. We highlight each effort such as the use of glass packaging, biomass material, paper and pulp-based material and FSC certified cardboard. As a first step for us as a retail company, we guarantee orders will arrive in 100% plastic-free My BeautyHero packaging.

Single-Use Plastic Ban

Single-use plastics are the primary source of pollution in the world. This is why we do not carry products such as single-use wipes, sheet masks and sample plastic sachets.

Recycling Programs

As part of our milestones in the coming months, we aim to participate and implement recycling programs together with the brands and beauty consumers.

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