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At Circly, they firmly believe that good skincare and environmentally conscious consumption can go hand in hand. Circly is proud to bring the concentrated power of recycled raw materials into your bathroom with its products. Their goal is to deliver effective skincare solutions while staying true to their commitment to sustainability.

Oliver and Max met each other while working in management consulting. They collaborated on sustainable development projects and shared an interest in natural cosmetics due to their sensitive skin. As avid coffee drinkers, they became aware of the wastefulness of throwing away valuable substances from coffee machines every day. This led them to explore the concept of upcycling.

After months of research and development, they founded Circly, a natural cosmetics brand. For Oliver and Max, sustainability starts with the ingredients and packaging. They are frustrated by the overuse of the term "sustainable" and the practice of greenwashing. Through their Circly products, they aim to demonstrate that cosmetics can take an additional step towards resource conservation and environmental friendliness by recycling raw materials. This approach reflects their belief in holistic sustainability.