Throughout history, people have honored the moon as a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time and transformation. It was believed that the 8 phases of the lunar cycle symbolized the 8 faces of a goddess, each representing a different aspect of a woman.

8 Faces merges science with the spirit of nature. They believe that ritual self-care can be a transformative and rewarding experience.

After decades of working in the fast-paced television industry as a producer, 8 Faces founder Beth Shuman noticed stress-related changes to her skin from the hectic schedule and constant travel. It was then that she initially defined a need for a premium, multi-purpose product that was effective, easy to use, and as much in sync with nature as with her life on the go.

Combining unique ingredients discovered on her travels with nurturing self-care rituals she implemented over the years, Beth spent two years perfecting 8 Faces hero product, Boundless Solid Oil winner of Glamour magazine’s award for “best balm” and Byrdie’s Eco-Beauty award for “best do-it-all skincare” product”.