Beautiful Products That Truly Work - Henné knows you want beauty products that truly work, ingredients you can trust, and packaging so eye-catching that you can’t wait to reach for them.

Henné Organics was created to give you the most natural and effective beauty with impeccable Scandinavian design. Experience your healthiest, most radiant skin and lips yet.

Henne means "her" in Swedish and is a celebration of women and the beauty of our uniqueness as well as our common stories. It also pays homage to Sweden, a focal point of inspiration for the brand and where its founder, Laura Xiao, first fell in love with Scandinavian nature and design.

In 2015, Laura turned her idea and eventually into a business. Her idea was to combine her appreciation for Scandinavian design with the best organic beauty imaginable. No more sheepishly hiding frumpy "eco" products in public and at home. She wanted products that she would personally feel proud to display on her bathroom counter or consider an accessory worthy of taking up real estate in her most prized luxury handbags.

With Henné, the vision is simple: highly effective organic and natural beauty products without sacrificing aesthetics. True ecoluxury beauty.