Founded on a philosophy that less is more, its line is a discerning edit of only the essential—supportive products made from efficacious and uncompromising ingredients, to elevate the skin and one's everyday rituals. A way to reduce consumption, and clutter; and clear the way for a slower and more intentional approach to beauty.

Lesse's founder, Neada Deters, a former beauty editor in New York and now living in LA, created her very own skincare line with the tagline 'Less is more'. Born in Sydney, Australia, she was immersed in nature from a young age and was raised with a love for the environment and an appreciation of botanicals. After suffering from cystic acne and very sensitive skin, she took it upon herself to create the products she couldn’t find anywhere else.

She recognized the undersupply of organic, truly effective formulations. She created Lesse with a focus on creating real solutions for common and chronic skin concerns and a brand that is considerate of the Earth.

In late June 2018, Lesse was launched with a singular product: the Ritual Serum — which, to this day, remains Deters’ number one skincare essential.