The Clean Beauty Market

My BeautyHero is an online destination for the most-coveted clean beauty products.

We bring together visionary beauty brands from all over the world that are committed to providing clean beauty products, vetted by us.

It started from our personal experiences. Co-founders Diana and Raul joined forces to bring My BeautyHero to life. We both believe that being beautiful doesn’t have to come at a price: our health and our environment.

While there are a lot of places where you can get beauty products, we decided to only focus on clean beauty.

Aside from ensuring that the brands provide beauty products with non-toxic ingredients, exceptional performance, and cruelty-free formulas, they are purpose-led brands so you can make a real difference while you shop.

Make clean beauty transparent and accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make everyone beautiful inside and out by providing beauty products that are effective and safe for your body and the environment.

Toxic-Free Ingredients

High-Performing Products

Cruelty-Free Formulas

Sustainable Brands

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